Customized Disc Planners

Where to start in our planner system? HERE!

Get a customized planner than add accessories to it! When the new year happens or need more, just replace it with insert and keep the dividers and cover for next year.

All Sizes of Customized Disc Planners

What is Planner Nerd Kate Plans use?

Medium Size 2022-2023 Weekly Planner Inserts
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  • What is our Customized Disc Planner is all about?

    Customized Disc Planners is unique disc planner that is unique to you. Each disc planner is made-to-order in choosing the cover, theme for the cover and dividers. Also you get to choose and design the planner inserts.

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  • What is going on this Spring?

    We have been redesigning and making new products. We have been working hard to make new designs since the company has change names.

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  • Something has changed ...

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