Sizes of Planners and Planner Inserts

Sizes of our Planners and Planner Inserts

These are the measurements for our planner inserts sizes, just in case, we have put both centimeter and inches down. Also we compare to other brands our sizes.

 Paper Size Name



B6 12.5 cm X 17.6 cm 4.92 X 6.92 Inches
Small (HP Mini) 11.43 cm X 17.78 cm 4.5 X 7 Inches
Half Letter 13.97 cm X 21.59 cm 5.5 X 8.5 Inches
A5 14.8 cm X 21 cm 5.82 X 8.26 Inches
Medium (HP Classic) 17.78 cm X 23.495 cm 7 X 9.25 Inches
Large (HP Big) 21.59 cm X 27.94 cm 8.5 X 11 Inches


So compare our disc sizes to Happy Planner is  as follows; Small is Mini HP; Medium is Classic HP; Large is Big HP aka Letter size.

B6 is the only size that rings punched. A5 can be disc or rings punched. Half letter is like a skinny A5 so it is possible to punch it for rings but it might not fit A5 rings well.  Small, Medium and Large is disc punched. Of course, ALL of these have the option to be unpunched.

We use a Leverage punched for our disc punched request. We do have HP and Arc punch. Just send us a note if you want those punches instead.