The Beginning - Planning with Nature in Mind

The Beginning - Planning with Nature in Mind

I brought two of my passions when creating this business. My love for planners and nature. I have loved everything about planners since I was little. I used them in middle school and high school to keep organized in my assignments. There is something about using paper and pen that lets me be more creative and remember things better.

Recycle, Reuse and Reduce. I had an idea to reuse the office supplies laying around my home office. I have been always pursuing my passion to have my own business. I saw that other companies and creatives were making paperclips fancy by adding ribbon to it. But it wasn't staying in place. I experimented and still do, to figure out how to design pretty paperclips for planners and other things. Also I wasn't finding a good simple design of a planner to let my creativity bring the colors I want to use in certain seasons. I think seasonally in my planning.

I reused paperclips that I had laying around my house for over 10 years. Hence, the different color paperclips. Once I used those up, I started using traditional nickel paperclips. Also I will use products that can be recycled or reused. Also I will do my best to keep waste in packaging down to a minimum but still protect the items from the weather during transport.

Therefore, I hope to bring an idea and products, that people will love and appreciate.  My mission is to create things from the simplest form for your creativity and less wasteful packaging.