What is going on this Spring?

What is going on this Spring?

We have been redesigning and making new products. We have been working hard to make new designs since the company has change names.

We have gotten the letter size done for the undated planners and the new 2022-2023 planners done. But now we are working on just the 2022-2023 planners. This project is big! There are three different start days and five different layouts. For just one size that is fifteen different designs for each year.

We hope to have the other sizes done in new undated and 2022-2023 planner inserts done by end of April. We will have Letter size, medium (classic HP), A5, half letter, small (mini HP) and B6. We will have all three different start days and five different layouts for each size. 

We also had to make some decisions on what sizes we will keep in and our focus.  We will focus on mostly disc size inserts. But still offer a few ring sizes because that is most sustainable. Also, we are only doing disc customized planners which are in five of the six different sizes; we are in the process to how to provide customized inserts for the next year.

As soon as we get caught up on the inserts, we will work on other ideas for planner accessories. We also have a few things paper related in the future product ideas. Please let us know if you don't see what you are looking for.