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What is our Customized Discbound Planners is all about?

Customized Discbound Planners is unique disc planner that is unique to you. Each disc planner is made-to-order in choosing the cover, theme for the cover and dividers. Also you get to choose and design the planner inserts.

Customized disc planners is where you start with our planner system. We design this system to be less waste on planner supplies. We also see that not everyone is getting their prefect planner layout as well.

We designed this so all you need to do every year is order just the planner inserts. We will put your designed inserts on the website for you to order next time. We will update the dated planner inserts for 2 years unless they are being purchased every year. If not, then after 3 years we will pull it down. There will be a PDF version as well if you want to print your own planner inserts.


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Yearly spread for every planner inserts


What makes this planner so special?

 No two planners will be the same! While the planners will be the same size and parts, the exact placement and design of paper for the dividers and covers will not be the same. 


What is provided in the customized disc planners?

  • Discs - Black plastic 1 1/4 inch
  • Cover - laminated with your choice of color and theme
  • Dividers - Calendar months unless specified to unlabeled
  • Planner inserts - up to 260 pages with the standard first 8 pages.  You choose what type of monthly/weekly/ note pages.

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Customized Disc Planners FAQs

Q: How to I let you know the color or theme I want?

A: There is a Google forms that you need to fill out this questionnaire. Please make sure you use the same name as your order, so we can match it up with the correct order. If you have more questions email us. 


Q: Do I get to pick the exact paper designs or exact color?

A: No, we have limited stock and supply. We will do our best to pick out the colors and theme to match those colors.


Q: How long does it take to make?

A: Each customized disc planner take about 5 to 7 business days to make. It depends on how fast you can get back with approval of final proof for the inserts. Just designing a planner insert can take about 4 to 8 hours.


Q: I'm still confused...

A: No problem! You are welcome to email us at