About Us

Planner Nerd Planner Company was founded in September 2021 with an idea to bring custom inserts for discbound planners. Kate Wilkerson, owner and founder, loves planners and paper ever since she was a child. When she founded this company, she brought her passions when creating this business. Her love for planners and working for herself. She loved everything about planners since she was little. She used them in middle school and high school to keep organized. There is something about using paper and pen that lets her be more creative and remember things better.

She started with an idea to reuse the office supplies laying around her home office. She has always been pursuing her passion to build her own business. She saw that other companies and creatives were making paper clips fancy by adding ribbon to it. But it wasn't staying in place. She experimented and still does, to figure out how to design pretty paper clips for planners and other things. Also, she wasn't able to find a good simple design of a planner without extra doodles or bold colors like a blank canvas. So, she could let her creativity bring in the colors she wanted to use in her planner. 

Therefore, we hope to bring an idea and products that people will love and appreciate.  Our mission is to create things from the simplest form for your creativity and less wasteful. We believe wastefulness is wasting not just the item but the money to spend on that item. So, we figured out a system where you can buy a customized planner and then just replace planner inserts or buy extras of what you need for your customized planners.

Plan as unique as you are.