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Customized Discbound Planner - Half Letter Size

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Are you not finding the perfect planner for you? We will make you a customized discbound planner in half letter size, you can choose the design of dividers, covers, and inserts. We will provide black 1.25-inch plastic discs.

The page size for this planner is half-letter size. (8.5 inches by 5.5 inches)

There is a questionnaire for you to fill out when you order your custom planner!

There is a max of 240 pages to fit the discs.

Please keep an eye on your email for any questions from the shop.

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Included in this product

~ Planner Insert for 12 months up to 240 pages. Choose your start days and layout below. We will use this as a base to customize for your preference. To get an idea of what is in our planner inserts go here.

~ Planner Dividers for 12 months or equal to the number of months you selected.

~ Planner covers for disc both front and back.

 ~ Black plastic discs


Don't know what size you need, check out our planner sizes page.

Note: Pictures may not be accurate because the creator may update for minor changes or the size of the product appears larger to see details.

This product is for a physical planner.

If you are looking for just replacement inserts for this size go here.

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